Weekly website update – 3rd April 2021

Dear followers, this is the weekly website updates blog post. If you have any suggestions, resources helpful to the learners, please contact us. “Let’s bring them all together

  • New “Podcasts” section is added.
  • The document containing all VLSI Frontend links is updated – thanks to VLSI FRONTEND for researching, curating and documenting the resources.
  • New LinkedIn pages are added to the “Social Media Forums” section.
  • New websites are added to the “Frontend VLSIsection.
  • New websites are added to the “Backend VLSIsection.
  • New websites are added to the “News Websites” section.

VLSI Expert launched two FREE courses –

1) CMOS Concepts and Designing by Dr. Saroj Rout (11 lessons) https://lnkd.in/dXN8C8H

2) Fundamental of IC Fabrication by Vaishali Kikan – (86 lessons) https://lnkd.in/dFd2wqZ

“We as VLSI Expert Private Limited always try to do things differently. This time our initiative is to #collaborate with people having the same vision or goal as we have. We are hosting their quality content on our platform so that end-user (you) can access everything in a single place.” – post on the official LinkedIn page.

Since sharing VLSI resources that help passionate learners is our mission, we will be sharing such initiatives in our weekly updates blog.

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