A proud recognition for a humble service

Dear follower,

Hope you are doing great. We know this is a tough time for all of us and one thing we all can do to overcome, is to follow guidelines.

In this pandemic time, not everything is tough on us. To prove that, we want to share that VLSI Resources is acknowledged as “One of the top 15 VLSI websites on the web” by Feedspot.

Email snippet from Feedspot sharing the news

This wouldn’t be possible without any of the contributions made by many passionate and enthusiastic people to benefit a learner. Please check out the Top 15 VLSI Blogs on Feedspot – https://blog.feedspot.com/vlsi_blogs/.

VLSI Resources is a platform where all VLSI and Semiconductors related blogs, websites, YouTube channels, apps, job portals etc., meet at one place to benefit a VLSI passionate learner.

We request you to extend your support in curating more resources and make this platform more valuable for a learner.

However, we believe in one thing…

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