Update on the website

Hello enthusiasts,

I apologize for not posting any blog regarding the updates due to time constraints. But I have been updating the resources regularly in the background. Most are in backend VLSI and frontend VLSI sections. I also added few websites in Linux and Scripting section.

Many people are sharing their favorite learning resources from which they are convinced that it will be helpful to other enthusiasts. So, please visit your favorite section and look for any new resources under each sub-section. And also, there is a community which is trying to bring many resources, industry suggestions to VLSI freshers and enthusiasts. I found them on LinkedIn. Its called “Semiconductor Enthusiasts” (click here for their LinkedIn connection). They share resources through google drive folders which are organized into various domains including digital frontend, digital backend, analog design, embedded systems etc. So, if you are interested in such things, reach them for more information.

And also, if you find any missing resource and feel that it can be helpful for others, please reach me so that we can add it to this online resource center.

-Sai Charan

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