Welcome to “VLSI Resources”. I have been seeing many people who contributed to VLSI community with blogs, platforms, YouTube channels, telegram and WhatsApp groups. I sincerely thank all of them who is helping every passionate learner. This is an attempt to share about those resources on one place so that no one will miss any of these amazing contributions.

VLSI and Semiconductor Engineering is a vast domain, primarily divided into front-end VLSI and back-end VLSI. There are more than 100 VLSI and Semiconductor companies in the Industry and as per the reports, there is a high demand for a skilled-VLSI engineer in the Industry.

There are lot of resources available on the internet related to VLSI and semiconductors for a learner. Everyone is trying to contribute in one way or other and in their own style. There are many blogs available on the internet which provides the same concept in different perceptions, helping us to understand it in multiple ways. Each blog is having some unique concept or the method of delivery which makes it special. There are many communities helping in solving tool related issues, RTL code debugging, providing suggestions starting from “How to kick start in VLSI?”, discussions on VLSI Industry and many more. There are International websites which has news and technical forums as well as concepts related blogs. There are YouTube channels which helps us to visualize the concept in a clear-cut manner. Though branding is one of the advantages for these resource providing platforms, their content , contribution and hard work is really appreciable.

I will be including all those resources on this platform and regularly updating about new resources.

Please note that this is only a sincere attempt to show all those resources such as blogs, forums, communities, YouTube channels etc., to people who are looking for resources, and there is no other motto.

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