Analog VLSI

Abhay Dixit, Director of Engineering at Qualcomm, gave a clear picture and pointers on how to become a successful analog/RF Engineer in a LinkedIn article. He talks about concepts, various paths and also attitude of an Engineer in this domain.

Click here to access the article titled “What it takes to become successful “Analog/RF IC design engineer

Here is the list of all articles published under “A Circuit for All Seasons” & “Analog Mind” series by Prof. Behzad Razavi in the IEEE SSCS Magazine every quarter – link (Thanks to Muhammad Isa Aldacher)

Thanks to Ashfakh Huluvallay who shared the list of analog VLSI resources along with other topics that are connected with analog domain.


Analog Devices

You can find various educational resources like books, tutorials, learning modules etc., in this education portal

This website is maintained by Dr. R Jacob Baker. He wrote two books on CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation and CMOS Mixed-Signal Circuit Design. There are courses taught by him which is completely open-sourced on this site.

There are many tools related tutorials in it. Check the home page for more info – Click here

Analog Intuition (GATE & VLSI)

“This will give you an insight into the Analog industry. It will also help you to build the necessary intuition to design something new” – from the blog

  • Network Theory
  • Analog Interview Experience
  • Gate Exam
  • BJT
  • Diode logic


Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, by Behzad Razavi –

Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, by Grey, Meyer –

Designing Analog Chips, by Hans Camenzind –

CMOS Analog Circuit Design (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering), by  Phillip E. Allen, Douglas R. Holberg  –

Recommended path of learning through books – by an anonymous

Boylestad and Nashelsky -> Sedra Smith -> Foundations of Microelectronics Behzad Razavi -> Design of Analog CMOS integrated circuits Behzad Razavi -> then either go to RF IC field(Behzad Razavi, Thomas H. lee) or Mixed signal field ( Chan Carrusone, Jacob Baker, etc.)

Also Allen Holberg is an alternative to Design of Analog CMOS integrated circuits by Behzad Razavi

Online Courses



Behzad Razavi lectures

Ali Hajimiri lectures –

Analog Layout Laboratory – (Thanks to Bharath)

Analog Layout & Design – (Thanks to Bharath)


Muhammad Isa Aldacher documented a few analog projects in a detailed manner on GitHub. It contains comparators, ADC and other good projects – Click here