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What is the purpose of this website?

Ans: Please refer the “About” page. If you are still not satisfied, contact me.

Do you make money from this website?

Ans: Never. I neither run any ads on the platform nor add any affiliate links.

Did you miss to mention anything regarding the content about the resources in this website?

Ans: I try my best to go through all websites and include all resources provided in them. But there is a chance of missing some of them. If you come across any such thing, please write to me.

Can I volunteer in researching about such resources and add them here?

Ans: Sure, it would be great to have a helping hand. Reach out to me at resourcevlsi@gmail.com

I don’t want to include my resources here. How can I exclude them?

Ans: Sure. Write to resourcevlsi@gmail.com by mentioning your resource and a reason to exclude it (if you want to)

I developed a resource which I think can help a passionate VLSI learner. How to include it here?

Ans: I appreciate your thought of service and contribution. To include your resources, please click here.