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Basically, there are many forums (private and public) on websites, in WhatsApp, in Telegram, in Signal etc. Mostly you can find them all through direct search (for Telegram and LinkedIn) . WhatsApp groups gets filled in no time. Though additional groups will be created to manage more members. For privacy issues, I are not sharing WhatsApp group links here. Once you enter into the community, you will find more. Here are some of them.

VLSI Chaps – (Search in Telegram app ) This is a forum in Telegram. It is a large network of members from different backgrounds. Current telegram members count is more than 3500. The group generally helps with updates, news, Jobs, quizzes, codes, topics, Conferences, papers, PDFs, class notes, materials, discussion, query solving, research trends, tool suggestions, tool helps, tool reviews or any other help in the field of VLSI. Rather the group has trained dozens of graduates as well as freshers. Many globally spread members are having years of experience and noble intention of helping.

They also have a Quora forum where they answer to people’s doubts etc. “All about VLSI, Digital Electronics, HDL, EDA, Tools, Material, Jobs..” – official Quora account.

Team VLSI – (Search in Telegram app) It is a forum maintained by which also has an YouTube channel and a blog. It mostly covers backend concepts. Visit the site for more info.

VLSI Beginners – This is a Quora forum for VLSI enthusiasts.

VLSI Enthusiasts – This is another community in WhatsApp.

VLSI Designation Platform – (Search in Telegram app) It is another community in Telegram.

Physical Design (VLSI) – This is another community is WhatsApp completely for Physical Design.

VLSI FRONTEND – This is a channel for Job Openings and sharing Technical info on Frontend.

LinkedIn groups The Open Forum for Semiconductor Professionals


VLSI Expert Group

VLSI design experts for ASIC and FPGA


Semiconductor – VLSI

Professional Physical Design Experts


Semiconductor Professional’s Group

Cadence Academic Network – Main Page



VLSI Tales

Instagram Pages

VLSI Jobs (vlsijobs)

VLSI Tales (vlsi_tales)

Semiconductor Club (semicondutorclub)

VLSI Logic (vlsi_logic) [No longer exists]

VLSI Geeks (vlsi_geeks)