This page includes resources related to the history and notable people of Semiconductors Industry . History and people who left a legacy behind will become quite an inspiration and fuel the passion in people who are part of the industry.

Here is a 20 years old yet beautiful documentary covering the history of the “Transistor” and the three famous people behind it. This is developed by PBS.

Here is the old yet complete series covering “The Electronics Industry in Japan” which is even before the invention of the transistor. Though it lost the game, Japan played an important role in the development of Semiconductors industry. This 4-part series by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, tries to cover the Japan’s contribution to the industry.

  • Part – 1 : Birth of the transistor – Click here
    • Covering the first connections of Japanese people with the US Semiconductors Industry
  • Part – 2 : Circuits in stone – Click here
    • Covering how they caught up with the changes in the transistor models, the integrated circuit and replicated it and more about the “Transistor” radio.
  • Part – 3 : Calculator Wars –Click here
    • How the Calculators improved and was boosted by the invention of IC
  • Part -4 : The Technology giant of the micron world – Click here

Eventually, Japan lost its hold in the late 1990s on the market share. Check out the article on Chip History website covering it – Click here

Here is the Asianometry video on “How Americans Won Back Semiconductors from Japan”. This is really an interesting video understanding the strategies they followed ( more correct term would be mimicked ) from Japan – Click here

Here is another LinkedIn post series by Kumar Priyadarshi who covered the “The stalwarts of Semiconductor industry” in 10 posts –

Here is the LinkedIn post series by Kumar Priyadarshi who covered the “Story of Semiconductor Giants” in 10 posts –