Job opportunities in VLSI domain

A new initiative has started in the VLSI community where candidates will be referred for VLSI – based jobs. You need to fill the details such as skills, education, experience etc. Then, the procedure starts based on the job openings available.

Below are few such platforms (listed in alphabetical order) where such services are available and the best part is – its FREE.

You can also find websites which lists job openings on their platform

Referral Portals

Job Referral Portal by Semicon Referrals

Semicon Referrals is a platform that refers passionate candidates to highly experienced industry professionals.

“We analyze skills of the candidate and aim to provide the best candidate available to the hiring managers, which in turn reduces the time taken to fill a position and allows to choose from the best available talent.” – official website.

Here, an employer can post a job and identify potential candidates, and also a candidate can find a matching job to apply for. They only list and refer for verification jobs. A candidate can also get a referral on this platform by passing through their screening process. Please visit their platform for more clear information.

Job Referral Portal

Job Referral Portal by VLSI Expert

This is started by VLSI Expert, founded by Puneet Mittal who comes with a rich experience of 14+ years in Embedded/Semiconductor Industry and has worked with biggest Organizations in VLSI industry like Cadence, Synopsys, Magma, and LSI logic.

They list jobs related to all VLSI domains (Design, Verification, STA, PD, PV etc.,) and refer for the same based on your profile. They have a process of screening and referring you, so please visit their website for more clear information.

Job Referral Portal

Job openings

You can find the listing of job openings related to backend domain

Job Opening Portal

There is a dedicated blog called “TECHIE FOULDERS by Vishniu KS curating VLSI interview experiences from students and professionals.