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Few websites are added by referring a SemiWiki question thread, asking the list of most visited websites by people working in the semiconductor industry.


It is a website which has forums covering companies as well as general semiconductor related discussions. It also has a jobs board section It also started a podcast series. “The goal of this Podcast Series is to bring semiconductor experts together to get to the truth about the matter at hand” – official website.


This website covers good topics in their daily articles. It included articles starting from technical stuff like computing, low-power testing, manufacturing to companies, market etc. Also visit their knowledge center (click here) where you can find information on almost every concept in Semiconductors. Do checkout their jobs section which brings opportunities from the entire world. Semiengineering also has a YouTube channel.

Semiconductor-Today Magazine

This magazine covers more Industry and market related topics. It included many products too in their magazine. To get latest news related to the industry – click here.

All About Circuits

This is an online community for Electrical Engineers. This website has many verticals such as AI, Automotive, Digital Signal Processing etc. They also have a dedicated forum for each vertical. You can find technical articles and market news updates same like other websites. They have a membership (which is free) which has its own benefits. Check their “Moore’s Lobby Podcast” too.

EE Times – SoC Design line

This website has many design lines which included AI, MCU, IoT, Automotive. Among them, SoC Design line is the one which talks more about semiconductors and VLSI. Do checkout other design lines too.

Semiconductors Newswire

This is basically one of the industries covered by EIN News under its news desk.

Design & Reuse

Here you can find information about IPs and SoCs (basically, you can search them). Apart from that, you can find news updates and blogs regarding Semiconductors.

“The chip planning portal is an ecosystem comprised of over 200 of the world’s largest semiconductor design and verification IP suppliers and foundries. is a property of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation. ” -official website

This is a website where you can find lot of information on EDA tools worldwide.

The Chip History Center

Though this is not a news website, but it is basically the “museum for the Semiconductors“. You can find the complete timeline, Hall of Fame and many more in the domain of Semiconductors. This documents every historic moment in the field of Semiconductors. They also have a LinkedIn page.

VLSI Research

This company basically analyses the Semiconductor Industry market and develop reports accordingly as a service. But they also create weekly reports called SemiWEEK. Do check their news forum for daily updates. They also have a LinkedIn page where they post industry updates regularly.


“Today AnandTech serves the needs of readers looking for reviews on PC components, smartphones, tablets, pre-built desktops, notebooks, Macs, and enterprise/cloud computing technologies. We are among the largest technology websites, doing all of this with a level of depth that we feel isn’t available elsewhere.” – official website

Thanks to Arpit Awasthi for showing this.

Planet Analog

“Planet Analog provides an online community for semiconductor and system designers—both newbies and wizards—interested in discussing and advancing analog design techniques.” – official website


This website hosts datasheets for several thousand IPs across various domains.


The OpenCores portal hosts the source code for different digital gateware projects and supports the users’ community providing a platform for listing, presenting, and managing such projects; together with version control systems for sources management.” – website

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