Listening to podcasts is the best (often the least latency) path to learn, get updated and acknowledge the Industry and technology. Here are some of them to hear while sipping your coffee or solving those issues in your design.

Note: Only consistent podcasts are included here. There are many other podcasts (that are not included here) which delivered content in a great manner but have no episodes after Jan 1st 2021,

Weekly Briefing – by EE Times

The Weekly Briefing offers a thirty-minute deep-dive into the most compelling stories in electronics. Featuring subject matter experts from around the industry, Weekly Briefing lends elevated discourse to design engineers and tech industry professionals.” – official website

Frequency: Weekly – Every Friday

Semiconductor Insider Podcast Series – by Semiwiki.com

The goal of this Podcast Series is to bring semiconductor experts together to get to the truth about the matter at hand. We’ll get right to the point and not exceed 30 minutes of your time.” – official website

Frequency: Weekly – Every Friday

Moore’s Lobby Podcast – by AllAboutCircuits

Moore’s Lobby is a podcast for electrical engineers that shines a light on the industry’s most pressing technical issues, from the rise of simulation to the role of analog design.” – official website

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Formal bytes – by Axiomise

This podcast is our way of sharing the joy of formal verification.” – official website.

Thanks to Arpit Awasthi for recommending this.

Frequency: At least one per month

Zero to ASIC Course Podcast

“Interviews with people in the world of Open Source ASIC and tooling” – official website.

Host: Matt Venn

A look back at 2022 and what I'm looking forward to in 2023 Zero to ASIC Course

A look back at 2022 and what I'm looking forward to in 2023
  1. A look back at 2022 and what I'm looking forward to in 2023
  2. Jorge Marín – DC / DC converter design and the IEEE chipathon
  3. using X-rays to make 3D images of chips with Tomas Aidukas
  4. April news update – sky130 on Google colab, optimising adders, $100 tapeout, events and MPW2 wafers
  5. May news update – MPW6, fast adders, Google's new portal, Free silicon conference, FIB edit