Indian Semiconductors

VLSI Training Institutes in India

Getting trained in one of the institutes and entering the industry through their placements is one of the most common paths for a person who wants to pursue their career in VLSI and Semiconductors in India. In India, there are many such institutes and some of them are provided in the below page

Training Institutes in VLSI –

IP-based Semiconductor companies in India

IP (Intellectual Property)-based Semiconductor companies produce state-of-the-art IP blocks to meet the customer requirements and improve the efficiency of the product. Though, India do not have a strong community for such companies, here are some of them which is successfully giving services.

List of companies –

Its a know fact that Bangalore is the one of the major hubs for VLSI and Semiconductor companies in India. Here is the list of companies clearly divided into foundry-based companies, product and service based companies. Thanks to Rakeshkumar Sachdev for posting it online on LinkedIn. Hope this list will give a good idea on the opportunities present for your VLSI and Semiconductor Career.

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