Annual resource audit for the year 2022

Hello readers,

After a year, all links and data were checked today (4th December 2022 at 23.40 IST). There were a few outdated links, closed blogs and companies information which were updated accordingly so that you can trust the resource centre. Below is the complete list of changes in each section that were made to this website during the audit. The below conclusions are made based on their earlier resource website link.

Frontend VLSI

  • Quick Logic and Project eVLSI are not working as of 4th Dec 2022

Opensource VLSI

  • ModelSim student edition is no longer provided according to its old link and the latest webpage it redirects to.
  • OSFPGA is has been merged into CHIPS Alliance according to the recent announcement release (link) and the organization link no longer works as of 4th Dec 2022.
  • Added CHIPS Alliance to the list

IP-based Semiconductor companies in India

  • Steradian Semiconductors got acquired by Renesa in Oct month of 2022 – press release

Training Institutes in VLSI

  • Vector Institute no longer provides VLSI courses
  • Vedic VLSI no longer exists as of 4th Dec 2022 based on its website



  • VLSI Logic Instagram page no longer exists as of 4th Dec 2022

I tried my best to check each and every outgoing link and also verifying data. Please let me know if you find any outdated/misleading data or broken links so that I could update them accordingly.


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