Two common questions asked by a fresher

Which one to choose?

– Frontend or Backend VLSI or Analog design

– Masters or Training institutes

Sarthak Kalani was so honest in answering these questions –

  1. If you won’t prefer risks, then start with backend and then move to frontend. But also get an understanding in Analog concepts. Else, you can directly jump to frontend VLSI but getting a good understanding on various concepts and also having a growth/long-term mindset is necessary to excel in this field.
  2. If you want a quick entry into the industry, prefer training institutes. But for a long term career, prefer masters over the training institutes. An Ideal path is to start with training institutes, join a company and work there to understand the industry, do masters (either in India or abroad) and start your career. But doing masters for the sake of good payment is not a correct understanding of studying masters degree. Almost the opportunities are common in India as well as outside the country, after doing masters.

Sarthak Kalani developed a forum called VLSI Mentorship Forum (VMF) where he helps students to build their VLSI career through higher studies. He hosted Q&A sessions with students to answer queries related to the VLSI field, particularly analog/mixed-signal and RF, and also about universities, future prospects, and SOP reviews.

Recently, he started a 5-part webinar series where he talks about various topics – click here to know more.

He also curated many helpful resources here which includes analog/RF/digital etc.,

Click here to access the main page of VMF

Click here to access the resource sheet by VMF

To receive updates from VMF, please register by clicking here

“Remember that if you are not greedy in this industry, there is a lot of scope and opportunities for a passionate person to enjoy her/his life here.”
– Sarthak Kalani

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